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Don't draw conclusions out of the information you retrieve from this Dino Data site only. Always check your books, library and other resources. The cladistic lines are only to be seen as an indication of the path. You will find some names under the "classification" button that arn't showed at the dino pages. Not all given names of dinosaur groups are on this moment available at this site. Paleontologist don't always share the same views and it isn't the intention of Dino Data to show the different views. Again always check other information sources to compare the information. DinoData couldn't be what it is without the help of many. Special thanks to all the members of the Dinosaur Mailing List and DinoForum for sharing information.

Hope you wil enjoy your visit.

 Fred Bervoets


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Daspletosaurus torosus


by Loana Riboli

A special photo exhibition by dinocasts.com






Hesperonychus elizabethae
Shidaisaurus jiae
Miragaia longicollum
High diverstity of latest Cretaceous arctic dinosaurs
Daxiatitan binglingi
Minotaurasaurus ramachandrani
Ceratonykus oculatus
Anchiornis huxleyi
Avian parental care had dinosaur origin
Austroraptor cabazai
Duriavenator hesperis
Gobiceratops minutus
Skorpiovenator bustingorryi
Eomamenchisaurus yuanmouensis
Dongyangosaurus sinensis
Quingxiusaurus youjiangensis
Pitekunsaurus macayai
Aerosteon riocoloradensis
Tastavinsaurus sanzi
Uberabatitan ribeiroi
Albertonykus borealis
Abelisaurid remains from the Marillia Formation, Brazil
Multiple tracks Navajo Sandstone
Probable Tyrannosaurid track
Similicaudipteryx yixianensis
Chinese spinosaurid from the Napai Fm.
Skin impression of Gigantspinosaurus sichuannensis
Velociraptor osmolskae
Zhongornis haoae